G310R (1)

It has been an on-going rumor around bikers irregardless of the brand and style of riding, finally the BMW G310R arrived into the shores of Malaysia. This is the first time ever produced by BMW, a motorcycle that is engineered and powered suitable for daily commute (super comfy seats), very unusual from their conventional high powered cc motorcycles.

The G310R’s 313 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with the output of 34 hp at 9,500 rpm would be an ideal and suitable choice to fully utilize a motorcycle, weaving in and out of the city’s traffic bringing you to your designated location in no time. BMW Motorrad’s Indian manufacturing partner, TVS had collaborated to produce this affordable motorcycle to cater to the Asian market with its low price and maintenance.

This will eventually disrupt and become a thread to the Japanese motorcycle companies and distributors, which has been dominating the Asian market with their lower and mid range cc motorcycle for the past decades.

BMW G310R Specification:

G310R (2)


G310R (3)